Greetings Earthlings…

Alien Spoons?

Well it’s easy to remember…and some of the knife grips feel a bit alien when you first try them, but this site is really about the traditional craft of spoon carving and using local and sustainable wood to make spoons and other utensils, coat hooks, bowls, etc.

I provide training and workshops for people to learn how to use just an axe, a wood carving knife and a spoon knife to make spoons and other treen.

Available for small groups, 1-2-1 training and events. Workshops from two hours to two days can be tailored to your requirements. Please call to find out more.

I am a member of the Green Crafts Initiative, all the wood I use is of local origin and sustainably harvested (not that you need much for spoons, tent pegs, earrings, etc.). Packaging and other materials used are recycled when possible. Food for courses is always vegan and sometimes organically homegrown.